It’s truly difficult to talk about an interesting matter to such an interesting person. Right now I’m having a huge responsibility, but in any way, I hope that the offer Juli made me to update the blog is going to be successful.

It’s about to be 5 months since Juli leave home living a new adventure, the begin of a new chapter in his life: be an Erasmus. I’have never thought that would be so difficult to deal with the distance between two persons who are in love. Sincerely, I believe that the worst thing was the first farewell. I’m lucky to have seen him a few times in this four months, but, why the worst part? Cause you’re enjoying the holidays, you can see your lover almost every day, spending awesome and funny moments next to him, each other together, but you never assimilate that some day he will be gone. Nevertheless, every farewell is hard and inside a place as big as the airport I had to content too much feelings and emotions.

However, I believe that the worst thing ever is have to say goodbye to him the same day you turn 21, the 6th of January. That day was not clearly the best for me. And sincerely, I really miss him, actually I never thought that it would be so harmful for me to not have him right here, right now. Since he’s gone everything is more difficult and more complicated, and casually, I got ill more than one time, what a bad luck.

But what I really learnt about this adventure, both for him and for me at the same time, is to belive. Just before he left for the very first time, I said to him: “this is gonna be our real acid test. If we pass it, is no gonna be anything that will divide us ever.” Both of us separated, meeting new people, thinking and with the esteem we have to each other, this is sincerely the most powerful and strongest element to get over any other physic attraction. It may looks like from a movie, but if two persons really love so much, this happens.

The single way to get in contact was through the Internet, without it both of us would be completely lost. Despite I completely curse Skype when the call crashes on us, I sincerely give thanks to its founders. Thanks so much to the Danish Janus Friis, the Swedish Niklas Zennström and to Priit Kasesaly and Ahti Heinla.

Right now I’m already counting the remaining days for him to come back home and I think about everything still to be done, everything we are going to do, this time together. I’m waiting for him with a huge kiss, hug and a warm welcome at the airport.

Andrea loves you so much, Juli.

1316,1 | We’re Erasmus

Our lives are not measured by money, stuff or tangible objects we own. Our lives, more specifically what we are really made of are moments, experiences; the people you meet along the way is what really make you realize how wealthy you are. I was concerned about this fact when I came back home for Christmas leaving my second home for a weeks.

For the last three months I have been living in Vesalius, a quite old, grey but cozy dorm in the city of Gent, Belgium. First days were hard, yes I had to start again. New people, new atmosphere. Everything was still undiscovered, completely unknown. This is the “confortable zone” many people is talking about, moving off what you are used to starting from zero somewhere else doing whatever different. There I realized that all I had at home was nothing compared to what I was about to get there, and now I know it happened. The same people and atmosphere I was afraid off at the beginning made me change the way I see things now. They made me appreciate the little things of my day-to-day, they made me realize how important is to have goals, to see things clear, to not regret about nothing and above all, enjoy every second of your short live.

Once an Erasmus, always an Erasmus.

Now I am a little bit richer although I spent most of my savings there, richer because I earned 50 new friends from over 18 countries, 18 homes to stay and 1 family I belong to. This is what Erasmus is supposed to be, further than partying, studying and lazy days. To get new friends and meet people around the world is what keeps you moving forward, the thing that makes you feel completed when you get home for Christmas knowing that no-one else will live the things you did and secrets will be secrets forever. Priceless.

All I can say now is thanks, I’m feeling so thankful for the people I met there: Latvians, Czech, Germans, Spanish, Scottish, Romanians, French, Mexicans (Mexican), Polish, Russian, Italians, Portuguese, Dutchs, Slovenians, Greeks  and our lovely hosts, the Belgians. Thank you to make from this six months the most unforgettable experience we could ever had. This story is not ended yet nor will never end. 31st of January is going to arrive and there will be people who will leave again, heading out to home, saying bye forever; there will be others that will stay for another semester; but what I am really sure about is that what we lived together will stay forever at the bottom of our hearts. We belong to each others, we are Erasmus.

Boldness is more forgivable than weakness


These last days I have been pretty worried about how I face situations with others. When I was a kid, at school, I was the onewho was touched by everything. It didn’t matter if it was a joke cause I’d be quickly upset. If someone didn’t like me, I was sad about it and if I did something wrong, some mistake or made someone feel bad about me, I really care about him or her. But years passed away and despite I’m the same guy, my mind has changed. Maybe experience made me learn about how I have to react when something attack me, maybe I’ve just get tired of care too much about others, but what I’m quite sure about, is that we just have one life to spend our time doing what we love. Don’t waste your time caring about what others can think or say about what you do.

Few days ago I posted on my Facebook profile something similar to the paragraph before, something like this:


We only have one chance in our lives to get what we want. Don’t fear pissing people off, don’t waste your time. The thing you’re afraid to say is usually the idea that needs to be heard. Not everyone is going to like you all the time. They’re certainly not going to like everything you do. Boldness is more forgivable than weakness. If you go big and it works, people will forget how upset they were.

Now I’m so glad to be the way I am, not being that kid anymore. Some of you could think I’m too selfish and yes, maybe you’re not wrong at all, but I feel free and confident enough to get what I want, at anytime, anywhere from anyone. I learnt that I’m not gonna be liked by everyone nor everyone is gonna like me, so it’s gonna be better to be careless about them and love the ones who support you, that ones you grew up with and share most of your time. These ones are the only ones who deserve everything from you. This is what I really feel and the way I want to continue being.

I won’t stop branding my way.

Just a little more about me

Somebody told me once that he had never met a guy like me. Since always, even when a kid, I’ve been not the most chatty one in the group nor I am now but I was just there, listening to others, watching what was going on around, looking to their faces, their expressions while others where talking to them. Actually, still as a kid, I never used to cry while people around me were talking. It was like listening to them was my favorite way to amuse myself.

As I said before I’m still being not the most chatty one in the group but I like to be there, listen and give my opinion when I really need it. I love meeting new people all round the world, new cultures, new ways of think and act. Learn from others experiences, failures and anecdotes. This is the way I am.

Since I was 3, I was joined to the music school in my hometown and I’m totally thankful with the decision to get me there. Music made me appreciate the little thinks of the life, increase concentration, see every movement as a related sequence of notes and above all, look for perfection as I played for 13 years the violin. You have to work on what you want to achieve perfection. In my field of study, Business Administration, I’m getting specialized on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management which means creativity, design and imagination on its pureness, but all of this are nothing without perfection, so music is giving me the perspective to achieve what I want.

I’m currently developing a project with two other mates, Intrepic, which is going to change the way users consume, generate and get informed across social networks. While others in my class still don’t know their goal in life or at least on their academic years I’m full of ambition, I know what I really want to do and I’m going to achieve it in anyway. I’m not the one who talk the most but I can swear I am that one who while others are talking, is thinking about how to change things. And this is what our generation is missing. People is all that focused on promote theirself that they really forget that what really matter in this life is not what you are saying but what you can demonstrate.

Finally so end up this post, I feel the need to mention again what S. Jobs said once:

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things, they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

BatKit and Make-A-Wish Foundation in action

Some days ago I noticed about how Make-A-Wish America together with SF community make reality Mile’s wish, a 5-years-old kid who after being diagnosed at 20 months-old with Leukemia, has beat cancer and is now in remission. This make me realize that superheroes are not just in comics or movies, they don’t wear Kevlar suits nor are made of stone, but they are at street level, they are just ordinary people who withstand the unbelievable because they have illusion, they are not waiting anything from anyone and go ahead because they believe. Stay strong! #faithinhumanityrestored (for a while)

To know more …

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in the United States that arranges experiences or also called wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. In order to qualify for a wish, the child must be between the ages of 2 and a half and 18 at the time of the referral. It is the child’s physician that ultimately decides if a child is eligible.

The organization grants wishes through its 62 chapters located throughout the country and also operates in 47 countries around the world through 36 affiliate offices.

To infinity and beyond

It was early june when everything started. It was just about 7:05pm when she hit me up on Facebook just to say hi!, to greet, to talk about and remember how waste had been the night we went out and meet up for the first time, to know more about me, why finally had I added her and how was I doing. Apparently it was just like another conversation but actually it was about to be such the most lovely and dreamy thing ever could have happened to me.

Someone said love is closer than you think and oh my gosh, so it is. I have travelled pretty much or at least is what I think: I’ve been in Switzerland, Scotland, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium and United States in just 6 years, the last one I travelled about 9.300 km to visit one of the most inspiring places you could ever see, LA/SF (California). But why I like to travel? Why travel so far? Not for business or duty but because of I always loved to meet new people, to get new friends around the world, learn about cultures and traditions all around the globe, live new experiences, get richer in anecdotes. This is what moved me to go one place to another every year and till then what I thought I need to complete my life. But despite the kilometers I’ve flight, drove and walked I hadn’t found the love anywhere, until the day it decided to appear, it decided to come up to me and say hi! It was just 45 minutes from home and now it’s all I need. The whole world now spins around her and every time I can’t see or hear her voice I get mad. She completes me, she’s what I’ve been waiting for all this time, the part of me I was missing and now definitely calms me down. We have spent together the most crazy summer ever, visited places we’ve ever been to, although they were next to our homes, we have laughed till cry and also cried. Not everything has been easy, we also spent hard times, difficulties are everywhere for everyone, but you have to know how to solve them and we did it.

That day I found more than a friend, I found my better half, my yin, I felt the zing. So cutie, whatever you can be doing right now this post is entirely for you and keep in mind that, despite the distance, every second of my life I’d just wanna take your hand and bring you to infinity and beyond. Just you and I.

We’re going further, we’re going better


“17 months later

+10.000 visitors 


We’re going further

We’re going better”


Since I launched #brandyourway on may 2011 I looked for inspire and motivate others as I said many times  before, so I think now it’s time to go further, not just be resigned on writing but work with visual content. Let me explain. Some weeks ago while  packing up all my stuff because of my departure to Gent (Belgium) as an Erasmus student, I realized that what we all wanna see is how things are made, who’s doing that thing. So it came to my mind to export #brandyourway to the visual field sharing with all of you a new way to get connected with this blog through YouTube.

Til now you haven’t got the chance to see who or how I am. The material might be so static that sometimes I think could be boring to read too many paragraphs. But from now to the future #brandyourway is gonna change. We’re going further, we’re going better, thanks to all of you who read this site, those who are interested on what I think and share. #Brandyourway would not be possible without you.

So now it’s time to start preparing next post on which I will talk about a day as an Erasmus student in Gent, not just tourism but the feelings, the environmnet, how it’s living on a dorm with over 50 poeple more, being away from home and the ones you love, etc. I’m gonna do all of this by mixing frames I captured over here in Gent, videos from YouTube and more content I can find during the following days. This is how is gonna work #Brandyourway since now, maybe some week I won’t be able to create a v-post due to timetable reasons, but this does not mean I can write something on it.

Finally, ending up, just want to thank you all again, thanks to the users who day after day share information through wordpress, users as me that want to know, who want to create, influence and change the way we act.