Intrepic lead the change

I’m conscious it’s been a long time since the last post in here. I hate not be able to write and update posts on #Brandyourway, but too much stuff came to me recently. So here comes one of the topics I have been on these last weeks. Two posts more are remaining.

First of all, Intrepic. I’m pretty sure I talked about the Intrepic Project on the past, but lets introduce it again. Since my trip to California on summer 2012 I realized there are many events and happenings lost on the net. Traditional information channels as TV, radio and newspapers as well do not cover all the news happening over there, first of all because it is impossible and otherwise cause they are focused on topics most of the people is interested on. But then, there are those users on the net, that ordinary people who with their smartphones and tablets capture things around them and post it on the net, allowing others, above all their closest circles, to stay tuned about whats happening everywhere. But something is wrong with the content generated: it get lost. The bigger the content generated the easy it is to get lost on the net. In this way borns Intrepic. Since that time in California I though what could I create to allow others stay up-to-date anywhere, anytime by using their mobile devices. What could I do to change the current informational model? Intrepic.

Almost two years later Intrepic got bigger. We’re now 4 members working on it, and finally we got a place: Intrepic HQs next to the college, scientific and technological park TecnoCampus. Located in Tower 3, Intrepic is getting developed in order to change the way you generated and consume information across the net.

Do you have what it takes to be Intrepic and lead the change to a new informational model?

/ Welcome to Intrepic. 

Catch I Turn your ideas into action

It’s already 2013 and a lot of things and events are going to happen to all of us, therefore I want to introduce an app I’ve found out during the Christmas Holidays. It’s called Catch, developed by Inc, and its main function is to make sure that we never miss an idea. We can capture thoughts, photos and discoveries across all our devices and once we are ready, we can turn our ideas into action using simple, mobile collaboration. The best thing is that it’s developed for Android and tablets, iPhone and iPad.  Here it is a video for more details:

2013-01-03 02.07.25

What I like more about Catch is its useful and simple design where with a touch appears a wheel giving the option to create a voice note, what it’s the same as record something, take a photo or write any text note, everything online and offline. You can also share cheklists to collaborate on to do lists and you can set reminders so you never miss something important.

With catch you can find and save all your discoveries. I’ve been checking it for a couple of weeks and it’s truly helpful and fast whenever you need it. What is quite interesting about Catch is the save mode. You can colect your ideas into personal spaces using tags to label and find your notes easily. Likewise, it’s possible to backup automatically your notes for free with secure sync to

But all this stuff it’s not free at all. Catch offers three plans for three type of users:

  • Free. The basic plan. The free, with 3 spaces (private or shared notebooks), +2 more when you create a Catch account, 70MB of new content per month to cloud service and text, web clips, photos and voice memos. 
  • Pro. Paying $4,99 monthly or $44,99 annual you could add spaces, attach documents and upload more to the cloud. With 50 spaces, 1GB of new content per month to cloud service, attach office documents and double the referral rewards.
  • Finally, the premier plan. Add even more spaces, content uploads. With 200 spaces, 5GB of new content per month to cloud service. The ideal plan for project teams. All this for $15,99 per month or $144,99 annual.

Sincerely, I didn’t check the payement plans, but I really liked what I saw with the free one and it’s enought by the moment. Here are the links for Android and iOS. Hope you find as useful as me!

You have an idea. Make it happen. Google for entrepreneurs

Hi again! Good news for entrepreneurs.

Google took the wraps off “Google for Entrepreneurs,” a microsite that brings together information about Google’s programs and partnerships for startups and entrepreneurs.

In a blog post, Mary Grove, head of global entrepreneurship outreach, said Google’s entrepreneurship activities are focused on three areas: 1) Partnerships with organizations that serve entrepreneurs in local communities; 2) Google-led programs that give entrepreneurs access to talent and tools; and 3) Placing relevant Google tools in the hands of startups as they are get off the ground and scale. The site is designed to serve as an index for these resources.

What does Google get out of it? It gets its tools in the hands of entrepreneurs early, ensuring that Google’s products becomes the building blocks of their businesses. It also helps Google keep an eye on promising acquisitions — just other incubators funded by big tech companies, such as Facebook’s FbFund and Google’s own Google Ventures do.

Along with the site, the tech giant launched a designated Google+ Page and announced it is hosting its first annual Google for Entrepreneurs Week, a series of events to be held in 28 cities across 13 countries.

“And we really want to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and startups to be successful”

To read more check out

You’ll find more interesting videos on Google’s YouTube Channel


Couchsurfing around California

Hey friends! I know I’ve had a little forgotten #Brandyourway, but since last thursday I’m traveling around California with a college mateto learn and catch some ideas of business, get new adventures and live the “american way of life” by the moment pretty different being compared with our way of life in Catalonia, so I don’t have too much time to write. We’re actually being hosted in Los Angeles, in Alhambra, in a couple of days we’ll move to San Francisco and then we’ll come back to LA to visit some more places. It’s so huge!

So today I want to introduce you a fantastic website and community called, founded by Casey Fenton, Dan Hoffer, Sebastien Le Tuan and Leonardo Bassani da Silveira on 2003 and located in San Francisco (CA) with actually more than 4 million profiles in 246 countries and territories. Couchsurfing is a neologism referring to the practice of moving from one friend’s house to

 another, sleeping in whatever spare space in available, floor or couch, generally staying a few days before moving on the next house.

Couchsurfing born much years ago through australian and american surfers looking for the best waves. Surfers with the same interests and hobbies who devised a system with wich one surfer was hosted in another surfer home, normally sleeping in the couch and by sharing likings, they met and finally through this contact emerged a hard friendly relation.

Couchsurfing is a network with millions of members in over 230 countries and territories around the world. Couchsurfing is blazing the trail towards a better, friendlier world where people who are different from one another can find their similarities. It’s a community and it’s a movement. Imagine having and interesting friend wherever you go, whether that’s 2000 miles away or right in your hometown.

When you join Couchsurfing you tap into its network of welcoming people worldwide. You can share your hospitality and experience your city through new eyes by offering travelers a place to stay at the home of a local and learning about their culture. You can join cool and interesting people for anything from bike ride to a party using Couchsurfing activities. And you can meet up with new people, whether at home or while traveling, for inspiring experiences and new friendships.

In fact, Couchsurfing goal is nothing less than changing the world. That’s why it’s  proud to be certified as a B Corporation (B is for benefit). This is a new segment of the economy dedicated to creating good. As a B Corporation, it’s legally responsible for advancing its vision of a better world. No matter how the organization grows or changes over time, the mission will always be its priority.

In my opinion as a Couchsurfer, I’m glad to have discovered this amazing community. You can travel around the world, meet new and interesting people for free but respecting the host who opens his doors to you and get a lot of new experiences and discover new things everywhere and at every place. It’s all about of an exchange of cultures, interests and knowledges.

You should try it! Surfing has never been so easy!

Keep on dreming

We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence then, is not an act, but an habit“-Aristotle

Hi everybody! Today I want to share with us this funny animated video about creativity. We don’t have to be scared to embark on new projects. It’s never too late, you just need to have an idea and make it happen, as you were a kid! And remember, never stop dreming!

bizbarcelona 2012- Boost your company, business or project

The first edition of bizbarcelona celebrated a year ago [2011] offered solutions to 13,336 entrepreneurs to help them materialize their ideas, find new targets for their business, or serve as innovative launch pads for their companies. Over the course of two days the event hosted more than 1,800 meetings between entrepreneurs, investors and consultants and has become the best platform for business start-ups, financing and internationalization, with a particular emphasis on the mechanisms for business growths and innovation.

This year I had the pleasure to assist to this brilliant networking and entrepreneurship event. I’ve never been in a fair of this magnitude and I’m really impressed about the high quantity of businessmen, entrepreneurs, freelancers and dreamers that despite the global crisis are hungry to success and boost their own projects. One of the most things I’m proud is that there are people who is not afraid of economy, politics or society affairs, because they have a dream, they have a strong project and the only way to boost it is being self-confident, enterprising, be a winner but above all never stop dreaming. In my opinion to dream is a privilege that we don’t value. As said Walt Disney: “if you can dream it, you can do it”, and this is the essence of entrepreneurship.

So besides this impression, bizbarcelona is much more. During two days we can learn about all: finances, investments, insurances, franchises and associated businesses, product and service companies set up by entrepreneurs, public institutions, training centers, social networks and what I also think is the best part: conferences and make networking.

Networking is the ability to take advantage of a network of contacts, whether professional or personal. It helps us to increase our resources or locate professionals or organizations that might be able to help us or guide us towards other contacts. Networking has become an extremely important part of professional life because effectively increasing you network of contact helps to increase your skills when it comes to managing and developing your company and achieving your objectives. In the photo below we can see the networking area. Moreover, the fair is divided in six big areas: inspiration, creation, growth, financing, tech market and policy makers.

About the speeches, in my opinion it’s really useful and motivating can listen and see in live a referent of a succesful company. This year we could assist to a wide range of terms, for example: 

  • financing: find out how to get public and/or private financing.
  • innovation: trends, sector, innovation, emerging sectors, new business opportunities, open innovation, GEC.
  • internationalization and export: everything you need to know to put your company on the international map and get access to new foreign markets.
  • business management and strategy: how to organize your company to make it more efficient.
  • sales: new sales strategies and online sales.
  • optimizing resources: all the resources you need to get your company performing at the highest level.
  • marketing and advertising tools: how to promote your company: 2.0 marketing, social networks, cloud computing, repositioning, campaigns, etc.
  • franchises: how to create and invest in a franchise.
  • management skills: enhance your skills for successful management.
We have decided to go to Google’s speech about SEO and Google Apps. It was jam-packed. Some remarkable speakers are: Marc Vidal, Xavier Verdaguer (InnoValley), Vicente Arias, Lluís Font, Vicens Martí, Oliver Rothschild, Cliff Reeves (Microsoft), Christina Brodbeck (YouTube) or Marc Sanz (Google).
But that’s only a part of the fair. In bizbarcelona we can find a high number of exhibitors as Nubelo (company that I want to explain in another post), TecnoCampus, EyeOs, Google, Microsoft, Repsol, etc.

In conclusion, I’m extremely happy about today. Never is too late to change things and you should never stop dreaming! (I love this quote).

I’ve done some pics in the fair in order to share with all of you:

Networking area
Networking area
Welcome to bizbarcelona
Welcome to bizbarcelona
Social networks speech
Social networks speech
Info wall
Info wall
Networking area
Networking area

Follow Apple’s WWDC 2012 via CNET

Follow in live the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2012 via CNET.

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Join CNET LIVE, as we bring you minute-by-minute live coverage from Apple’s Annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Join CNET Editors as they dish the dirt on all the hottest new Apple products that are launching this summer and beyond. They’ll be taking live phone calls and twitter questions from you. Tune in at 9:00AM PT/12:00PM ET this Monday, June 11.