It’s truly difficult to talk about an interesting matter to such an interesting person. Right now I’m having a huge responsibility, but in any way, I hope that the offer Juli made me to update the blog is going to be successful.

It’s about to be 5 months since Juli leave home living a new adventure, the begin of a new chapter in his life: be an Erasmus. I’have never thought that would be so difficult to deal with the distance between two persons who are in love. Sincerely, I believe that the worst thing was the first farewell. I’m lucky to have seen him a few times in this four months, but, why the worst part? Cause you’re enjoying the holidays, you can see your lover almost every day, spending awesome and funny moments next to him, each other together, but you never assimilate that some day he will be gone. Nevertheless, every farewell is hard and inside a place as big as the airport I had to content too much feelings and emotions.

However, I believe that the worst thing ever is have to say goodbye to him the same day you turn 21, the 6th of January. That day was not clearly the best for me. And sincerely, I really miss him, actually I never thought that it would be so harmful for me to not have him right here, right now. Since he’s gone everything is more difficult and more complicated, and casually, I got ill more than one time, what a bad luck.

But what I really learnt about this adventure, both for him and for me at the same time, is to belive. Just before he left for the very first time, I said to him: “this is gonna be our real acid test. If we pass it, is no gonna be anything that will divide us ever.” Both of us separated, meeting new people, thinking and with the esteem we have to each other, this is sincerely the most powerful and strongest element to get over any other physic attraction. It may looks like from a movie, but if two persons really love so much, this happens.

The single way to get in contact was through the Internet, without it both of us would be completely lost. Despite I completely curse Skype when the call crashes on us, I sincerely give thanks to its founders. Thanks so much to the Danish Janus Friis, the Swedish Niklas Zennström and to Priit Kasesaly and Ahti Heinla.

Right now I’m already counting the remaining days for him to come back home and I think about everything still to be done, everything we are going to do, this time together. I’m waiting for him with a huge kiss, hug and a warm welcome at the airport.

Andrea loves you so much, Juli.

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