Boldness is more forgivable than weakness


These last days I have been pretty worried about how I face situations with others. When I was a kid, at school, I was the onewho was touched by everything. It didn’t matter if it was a joke cause I’d be quickly upset. If someone didn’t like me, I was sad about it and if I did something wrong, some mistake or made someone feel bad about me, I really care about him or her. But years passed away and despite I’m the same guy, my mind has changed. Maybe experience made me learn about how I have to react when something attack me, maybe I’ve just get tired of care too much about others, but what I’m quite sure about, is that we just have one life to spend our time doing what we love. Don’t waste your time caring about what others can think or say about what you do.

Few days ago I posted on my Facebook profile something similar to the paragraph before, something like this:


We only have one chance in our lives to get what we want. Don’t fear pissing people off, don’t waste your time. The thing you’re afraid to say is usually the idea that needs to be heard. Not everyone is going to like you all the time. They’re certainly not going to like everything you do. Boldness is more forgivable than weakness. If you go big and it works, people will forget how upset they were.

Now I’m so glad to be the way I am, not being that kid anymore. Some of you could think I’m too selfish and yes, maybe you’re not wrong at all, but I feel free and confident enough to get what I want, at anytime, anywhere from anyone. I learnt that I’m not gonna be liked by everyone nor everyone is gonna like me, so it’s gonna be better to be careless about them and love the ones who support you, that ones you grew up with and share most of your time. These ones are the only ones who deserve everything from you. This is what I really feel and the way I want to continue being.

I won’t stop branding my way.

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