To infinity and beyond

It was early june when everything started. It was just about 7:05pm when she hit me up on Facebook just to say hi!, to greet, to talk about and remember how waste had been the night we went out and meet up for the first time, to know more about me, why finally had I added her and how was I doing. Apparently it was just like another conversation but actually it was about to be such the most lovely and dreamy thing ever could have happened to me.

Someone said love is closer than you think and oh my gosh, so it is. I have travelled pretty much or at least is what I think: I’ve been in Switzerland, Scotland, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium and United States in just 6 years, the last one I travelled about 9.300 km to visit one of the most inspiring places you could ever see, LA/SF (California). But why I like to travel? Why travel so far? Not for business or duty but because of I always loved to meet new people, to get new friends around the world, learn about cultures and traditions all around the globe, live new experiences, get richer in anecdotes. This is what moved me to go one place to another every year and till then what I thought I need to complete my life. But despite the kilometers I’ve flight, drove and walked I hadn’t found the love anywhere, until the day it decided to appear, it decided to come up to me and say hi! It was just 45 minutes from home and now it’s all I need. The whole world now spins around her and every time I can’t see or hear her voice I get mad. She completes me, she’s what I’ve been waiting for all this time, the part of me I was missing and now definitely calms me down. We have spent together the most crazy summer ever, visited places we’ve ever been to, although they were next to our homes, we have laughed till cry and also cried. Not everything has been easy, we also spent hard times, difficulties are everywhere for everyone, but you have to know how to solve them and we did it.

That day I found more than a friend, I found my better half, my yin, I felt the zing. So cutie, whatever you can be doing right now this post is entirely for you and keep in mind that, despite the distance, every second of my life I’d just wanna take your hand and bring you to infinity and beyond. Just you and I.

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