We’re going further, we’re going better


“17 months later

+10.000 visitors 


We’re going further

We’re going better”


Since I launched #brandyourway on may 2011 I looked for inspire and motivate others as I said many times  before, so I think now it’s time to go further, not just be resigned on writing but work with visual content. Let me explain. Some weeks ago while  packing up all my stuff because of my departure to Gent (Belgium) as an Erasmus student, I realized that what we all wanna see is how things are made, who’s doing that thing. So it came to my mind to export #brandyourway to the visual field sharing with all of you a new way to get connected with this blog through YouTube.

Til now you haven’t got the chance to see who or how I am. The material might be so static that sometimes I think could be boring to read too many paragraphs. But from now to the future #brandyourway is gonna change. We’re going further, we’re going better, thanks to all of you who read this site, those who are interested on what I think and share. #Brandyourway would not be possible without you.

So now it’s time to start preparing next post on which I will talk about a day as an Erasmus student in Gent, not just tourism but the feelings, the environmnet, how it’s living on a dorm with over 50 poeple more, being away from home and the ones you love, etc. I’m gonna do all of this by mixing frames I captured over here in Gent, videos from YouTube and more content I can find during the following days. This is how is gonna work #Brandyourway since now, maybe some week I won’t be able to create a v-post due to timetable reasons, but this does not mean I can write something on it.

Finally, ending up, just want to thank you all again, thanks to the users who day after day share information through wordpress, users as me that want to know, who want to create, influence and change the way we act.


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