A love story

It’s been a long time without updating #brandyourway (actually it’s been the whole summer) but the fact is that this one it has been the summer of my life. As usual, when September arrives it seems as summertime is over and everything changes to worse. People get bored, annoyed, tired and everything becomes grey, brown or black. Days are shorter and colder and everyone stay at home. But this time will be different for me, everything has changed.

It all began in February when I decided to try something new, being 19 I was feeling the need to live new experiences, live unbound, so I applied for the Erasmus Program. Just a couple of weeks later I received and email confirming I’d been accepted at HoGent (University College Gent) in Belgium for a semester so I became really excited due to I’d be my very first time living abroad and living on my way, branding my way.

Days were passing away and I was waiting for September in order to leave to Belgium and start something new from 0. But something special happened in May. I met someone special, incredibly kind; such a really lovely person. Days gone by and she completely blowed my mind. The guy who was looking for leaving his town was now praying for never leave and spend the rest of his life next to her. This summer every day has been and adventure, every moment unforgettable and every night incredibly magical. And although September has already arrived, everything looks equal and anything has changed.

I’m leaving next Monday at 9am from BCN Airport and it’s gonna be pretty hard not to be next to the person you love but if can’t even imagine a future without her. I’ll be there for four months, from September to January, I’m gonna come back home once a month and I’m gonna spend the Xmas Holidays here too, next to the ones I love the most.

I’ve promised myself that from now to the future it’s gonna be summer every day, I am not going to be bored anymore, not grey, brown or black days anymore, just enjoy every moment no mattering the place nor the time because now I have all I could wish: YOU ♥

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