Catch I Turn your ideas into action

It’s already 2013 and a lot of things and events are going to happen to all of us, therefore I want to introduce an app I’ve found out during the Christmas Holidays. It’s called Catch, developed by Inc, and its main function is to make sure that we never miss an idea. We can capture thoughts, photos and discoveries across all our devices and once we are ready, we can turn our ideas into action using simple, mobile collaboration. The best thing is that it’s developed for Android and tablets, iPhone and iPad.  Here it is a video for more details:

2013-01-03 02.07.25

What I like more about Catch is its useful and simple design where with a touch appears a wheel giving the option to create a voice note, what it’s the same as record something, take a photo or write any text note, everything online and offline. You can also share cheklists to collaborate on to do lists and you can set reminders so you never miss something important.

With catch you can find and save all your discoveries. I’ve been checking it for a couple of weeks and it’s truly helpful and fast whenever you need it. What is quite interesting about Catch is the save mode. You can colect your ideas into personal spaces using tags to label and find your notes easily. Likewise, it’s possible to backup automatically your notes for free with secure sync to

But all this stuff it’s not free at all. Catch offers three plans for three type of users:

  • Free. The basic plan. The free, with 3 spaces (private or shared notebooks), +2 more when you create a Catch account, 70MB of new content per month to cloud service and text, web clips, photos and voice memos. 
  • Pro. Paying $4,99 monthly or $44,99 annual you could add spaces, attach documents and upload more to the cloud. With 50 spaces, 1GB of new content per month to cloud service, attach office documents and double the referral rewards.
  • Finally, the premier plan. Add even more spaces, content uploads. With 200 spaces, 5GB of new content per month to cloud service. The ideal plan for project teams. All this for $15,99 per month or $144,99 annual.

Sincerely, I didn’t check the payement plans, but I really liked what I saw with the free one and it’s enought by the moment. Here are the links for Android and iOS. Hope you find as useful as me!

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