Sex, ads and personal marketing

The poster was announcing “Free Sex!”

Few days ago I posted an article about a day in bizbarcelona’12, the Barcelona’s entrepreneurship and networking fair, and today related with this I want to dedicate this post to a test that me and two more friends made about sex and advertising there. As you could see at the related post there was a wall to pin flyers, business cards,etc. so we used to pin three posters advertising our blogs [Redes de Grafos, Núcleo Geek and #Brandyourway]. Two of us made a normal ones describing the title of the blog, the content information, link and twitter username. The last one followed an other strategy to promote his site and wrote the word SEX in capital letters as the main title and then in small print he described the blog, the title and link. The idea was to reach the highest number of hits in one day. And the suprise arrived the next day.

Redes de Grafos had won. A twitter user had shared the link of the blog and a photo of the poster in bizbarcelona’s wall. This made us think about the importance and influence of the word “sex” in ads and how to use it in order to achieve marketing targets. So while seraching in dr. Google I found an article about this matter on Free Marketing Tips Blog. This is it:

“Sex, advertising and GoDaddy”

Does using the word “sex” in a headline or title really increase its effectiveness?
The answer is an emphatic YES! It’s a time-tested fact, using the word “sex” in a headline or title will attract more attention.
And that extra attention can often equate to more sales.
However, using the word “sex” in your headlines or titles could also backfire if your content has nothing to do with sex. People don’t like being tricked or misled.

Do companies really sell more products by using sexy, attractive spokespersons?
It depends on what you sell and how effectively you sell it. For example, if your company sells health and beauty products, research has shown having a sexy, attractive spokesperson does make a measurable difference. The Old-Spice guy is a perfect example of that.
Why? Because sexy spokespersons ignite the audiences fantasies and desires. Using sexy, attractive spokespersons makes the audience desire what you’re selling by making them fantasize and visualize what they could look like, or how they could perform better if they bought your products.

Are there limitations, or can anything be sold using sex?
That’s a good question. In my opinion, with a brilliantly conceived and executed marketing campaign, virtually anything can be sold using sex.
A perfect example of the type of brilliant marketing I’m referring to is GoDaddy. GoDaddy sells millions of domain registrations using sex (the GoDaddy Girls). In fact, according to the website, GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercials produced a 466 percent increase in domain registrations over last year. So what’s GoDaddy’s secret? Why has using sex in its advertising been so successful?The reason sex works so well for GoDaddy is because the company has brilliantly positioned itself as being “sexy.” That’s GoDaddy’s brand. In addition, the GoDaddy Girls have a clear, defined role in GoDaddy’s marketing plan. GoDaddy even has a name for the type of marketing it does. Founder and CEO Bob Parsons refers to it as being “GoDaddy-esque”… meaning it’s fun, edgy, and a bit inappropriate.


I think it’s proved that sex and sexy spokepersons can be used to reach company objectives (to tell the truth it’s what they mostly do to seduce target audience) and it works 100% but always knowing where is the border between those ads which call attention and those offensive. 

Furthermore in line with the matter of promoting and making more visible our blogs, companies or eventhough ourselfs I think it’s interesting to introduce the concept “personal marketing”. Personal marketing uses commercial and social marketing principles to help us succeed at goals we have chosen for ourselves. It’s powerful stuff that can really help your life. I found a great slide-show introducing what is exactly personal marketing, what are our values and what we should do. So now it’s time to read, learn, enjoy and start promoting!


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