SECURITY TOUCH- The tomorrow talks

Four students at Polytechnic University of Catalonia- EETAC had developed an idea improving the tomorrow talks contest, a new method of security, secure, faster and easier. The project name is Security touch and supported by HTC represents a new and high level of protection for your smartphone.

By using fingerprints the user will be able to unlock his devices, be safe from intruders and protect his paying systems via mobile phone. Using this sensor the user will can configurate a multifunctional button to request emergency services, unlock the smartphone, start some applications or scroll the web without shadowing the screen.

Personally I think it’s a great and a necessary idea living in this high technologized society, where our information is available everywhere and at every moment, where everyone use the smpartphone 24 hours a day and till the moment without having a secure system to protect us data. 

From Brandyourway, kudos for  Jordi Llopezi (main idea, image creations and speaker), Pau Sendra (secondary ideas and video producer), David Forés (secondary ideas and audio and voice editing) and finally Elliot Morales (Secondary ideas, audio editing and video editing). 

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