Textron- Printing technologies l New business opportunities

To integrate sensors and microchips in textile products is the basis of Textron, a technology that is advancing in smart fabrics: thedetection and analyze of data allows multiple applications.

Textron is the science which integrates tiny electronic components in textile substrate -sensors and microchips-. It provides a foundation of smart fabrics whichs make tissues can record, analyze and save data. In the last 10 years investors have intensified investigations in this field, thereby hightlights aplications with sensors, circuits, chips, actuators or RFDI based on textiles.

Who’s working on this technology?


How does it work?
Acts detecting and analyzing stimulus, which ones gives an answer.

What’s its application?

Leisure, health, sports and security benefit from the virtues of Textron.

What are the benefits?

The application ranges is wide and allows the incorporation of gadgets and provides protection to the user.

Printing technologies 

The performance of surface modifications on both rigid and flexible substrates such as textiles, allows the production of smart textiles. This research field is based on what is known as flexible electronics.

What are the objectives of this research field?

Flexible electronics refers to the fabrication of electronic circuits on flexible substrates such as fabric, plastic or paper, using printing techniques.

This technology wants to replace the traditional rigid technology to meet emerging needs, for example, smart fabrics as, for example, smart fabrics.

What improvements have been obtained?
This technology allows to surface coating a wide variety of materials as metal, organic, inorganic, polymeric, biomolecules and layer thicknesses (from 5 nm to 500 micres).
For example, printing electronic circuits and sensors on textiles using conductives, semiconductives and dielectrics inks.

Who’s working on this research?


“There is an intersection between bioengineering, electronics, chemistry, fashion, jewellery, sports, etc. Technology that can be carried on or worn on the body is an open field for the creation of opportunities for innovative companies. It’s essential to ensure such products are fully adapted to users life paterns from the functional, biological and social points of view.

Light-generating SmartProducts using different technologies, pressure sensors integrated into different surfaces, materials that adapt to adverses weather conditions by changing their thermal properties, materials that generate heat for healing injuries and/or enchancing user comfort”.- CETEMMSA’s quote.

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