How to speak well in public: top 10 advices from Microsoft SB Portal

Top ten techniques recommended by Microsoft which we can put into practice before and during a speaking session:

  1. Preparation: How much we know about the subject, we’ll be more certain about it.
  2. Seems security: No matter if we know or not something, the really important thing is to make believe that we know profundly the topic.
  3. Support items: To rely on a stool or simply hold a pen can help us to be quiet and don’t gesticulate excessively.
  4. Sketch the presentation: Jot down the key words on a paper or use a Powerpoint in order to don’t forget them.
  5. Rehearse in front a mirror: What you see in the mirror is exactly what audience is gonna see.
  6. Talk slowly: One of the best way to appear calm.
  7. Smart but comfortable clothing: Never wear a suit or a dress unless the occasion demands.
  8. Drink water: Besides clarify your voice will allow us to think while drinking a little.
  9. Don’t get nervous during the question-and-answer session: Although you don’t know reply the question, be selfconfident.
  10. Look in the audience’s eyes: Everytime you look them, they will pay more attention. 

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