Are you a business slave? Here three ways to break free

Feels like jail sometimes. What? Well, owning a business.

On one hand, so much freedom and control; on the other, chained to our desks. I mean, at the end of the day, it falls on us, right? We’ve got stuff to do and sometimes we’re the only ones to do it. More emails to send, more phone numbers to dial, more decisions to make.

Well, the other day, I said enought. Here’s the story that woke me up.

My oldest daughter heading to the doctor. Big gash in fer foot from a swimming accident, needing to finally have the stitches removed. “Can you come please, daddy?” Well, honey…

You can probably guess the rest. More emails to send, more phone numbers to dial, more decisions to make. So finally she went with her stepmom- and without me. After five minutes of getting back to work, it hit me. “This is ridiculous. I own this place. If I want to leave, there’s nothing stopping me… except myself!”.

Jumped in the car and raced to the doctor. Got there just in time to sit by her side; hold her hand; and comfort her while the doctor tugget out each stitch.

Driving home I cried. Never again I would be a slave of my business.

So here are three simple ways you and I can break free from work:

  1. Set boundaries and keep them. It’s critical to establish the boundaries between work and the other parts of your life. We desperately need balance. But first, you have to create an environment to achieve balance. Decide what days and during what times you’re not going to do business. If you make a commitment to no work on Sundays, then don’t work on Sundays. If you’ve made a commitment to your family to be home by six pm every night for dinner, then get your tail home without excuses.
  2. Take off from your business suddenly and randomly. Probably the most fun of all. Make a habit of just leaving your business, without planning, and go do something out of the ordinary. Go to the museum at the drop of a hat. Go to the movies and catch a flick. Go hve an ice-cream cone in the park. Just do something to remind yourself to pleasure of enjoying one of the perks of ownership. It’s called freedom.
  3. Schedule lunch ones a week with your wife, child or friend and don’t talk about business. Seriously, avoid tunnel vision while trapped inside your business. Wake up to your other relationships. Schedule precious time to spend with loved ones during work hours. You cannot imagine how impactful this is on those relationships. Plus, it helps you keep perspective on what’s important. And guess what? It actually give you more clarity when it’s time to get back to work. You can just see things better.

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