No jobs? Let’s invent one!

Maybe the name Raffi Stepanian won’t say anything at first, but let my present thisincredible man.

Raffi Stepanian is a New York citizen with few shame and a lot of enthusiasm. With typical street character, Stepanian spends his days crawling around on the pavement in the Diamon Discritc in NYC, where he uses tweezers, a butter knife, and a dirty Styrofoam cup to find “very valuable” chips of diamon, ruby, and platinum, along with broken scraps of jewelry, including clasps and earring backs. It’s like sifting through a really rich person’s garbage, but whit more traffig.

As he tells to the New York Post, “The streets of 47th Street are literally paved with gold. The percentage of gold out here on the street is greater than the amount of gold you would fine in a mine”. And this amount of chips traduces in a juicy amount of money at the end of the haul. “I find enough to make a living. For six hours per day I can find $819, that’s $22.75 an hour”. Whether or not it’s a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t seem to cross the guy’s mind.

The objective of this post about  Stepanian’s exemple is to manifest that everyone can pull ahead his own being enthusiasmic, creative and selfconfident. Life give us amount of opportunities to prosper and independently if we have or not a job, we must run all of them. We can be what we want without anything, because all me, you and everyone need is only imagination and creativity. For one time, follow the principles of american dream.

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