Anual report about R&D in Catalonia

Innovation contributes directly to the competitive levels of every territory and its economical and social developement. In this way, the Annual Report about R&D and innovation in Catalonia it’s a very useful tool in order to analize the situation of R&D and innovation in Catalonia and moreover the elements which able to increase the territory innovative capacity. The report reviews the variables which influence business decisions to invest in innovation and, finally, set a series of conlcusions, targets and suggests with the aim to progress in the direction of the new economic model for Catalonia.
Considering that the company is a source of 2/3 parts of de R&D, the report emphasizes the different aspects which influence at the moment to decide about a business inversion in R&D: infrastructures, available financing tools, grants and public programs, human capital and talent, stat of scients, etc.
Otherwise, also emphasizes the state of R&D and innovation being compared with economic indicators as GDP or the statistics for foreign trade, and it’s contextualized Catalonia’s situation being compared with others territories and countries.
The last objective of the report is to establish the situacion of R&D and innovation in Catalonia, in order to detect aspects of the environment which might encourage greater effort in this activities, with the aim to think and facilitate the future decision making by agents who take part on it.
So, what we should highlight about the actual Catalonia’s situation? What future targets and suggests we must need to take into account?
  1. Catalonia invests more capital in R&D than other european countries as Norway, Portugal or Ireland. In terms of R&D on GDP, it’s situated as the same level as Norway, Holand and China.
  2. Catalan business are the most innovative in Spain: Catalonia is the Autonomous Comunity with the most number of innovative business, focusing 22%, followed by Madrid with 15%.
  3. Catalonia occupies the first place in European Regions and Cities of the Future awards, as the south-europe region with better economic perspectives in the future, ahead Madrid or regions as Lisbon, Lombardy or Piemont.
  4. Catalonia is the main recipient of state and european funds for R&D&I.
  5. However, most of the catalan R&D occurs in a small group of large firms: 50 companies are the source of 50% of total innovation expediture.
  6. It’s important to note the slowdown in GDP growth since 2007, which recorded a sharp drop in 2009 (-3.5% in Catalonia and -3.1% throughout the state) but according to estimates by the National Statistics Institute (INE) is recovered in 2010, with very discrete values that become positive (1.2% in Catalonia and 0.8% in the state).

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