It’s all about you

Life will change, and so will do our passions, feelings and sensations. We will change our point of view, people will hurt us, criticize, destroy our dreams but we have to keep in mind we are still ourselves and we are alive to shine, to light others path. There’s always someone needing to be rescued, looking for help, someone in a lower position than you, waiting for a hand to stand up and keep on walking on the path of life. Since we’re born our destiny is built by the decisions we take, how we struggle to survive and become the ones we are today.

Life, passions, feelings; we’re made of moments and the way we integrate them on us, results on the kind of persons we are.

I’m currently on finals, and it’s curious how is mostly in this period of time when motivational quotes tend to appear on the notes took in class. Today was time for Stephen Covey and this touching quote:

“I can change. I can live out my imagination instead of my memory. I can tie myself to my limitless potential instead of my limiting past. I can become my own creator.”

This make me think about the potential everyone has but less than the half discovered yet. We, the humans, tend to follow trends leaving habits we love just because of others, we want to be cool and we want to look awesome, but we don’t know that doing what others like, we are hurting ourselves and our future. Everyone is unique. Yes, you who are reading this post right now are unique. You know how to do things others don’t. Maybe you’re not a scientist, policemen or astronaut, but there’s something on you that tell your personality from others. And you have to preserve it being yourself. Do not care about others’ opinions, just act as you feel more comfortable because you are the master of your life.

So then, what are you gonna do? Be your own creator or stay on your limiting past?

/ It’s all about you

Intrepic lead the change

I’m conscious it’s been a long time since the last post in here. I hate not be able to write and update posts on #Brandyourway, but too much stuff came to me recently. So here comes one of the topics I have been on these last weeks. Two posts more are remaining.

First of all, Intrepic. I’m pretty sure I talked about the Intrepic Project on the past, but lets introduce it again. Since my trip to California on summer 2012 I realized there are many events and happenings lost on the net. Traditional information channels as TV, radio and newspapers as well do not cover all the news happening over there, first of all because it is impossible and otherwise cause they are focused on topics most of the people is interested on. But then, there are those users on the net, that ordinary people who with their smartphones and tablets capture things around them and post it on the net, allowing others, above all their closest circles, to stay tuned about whats happening everywhere. But something is wrong with the content generated: it get lost. The bigger the content generated the easy it is to get lost on the net. In this way borns Intrepic. Since that time in California I though what could I create to allow others stay up-to-date anywhere, anytime by using their mobile devices. What could I do to change the current informational model? Intrepic.

Almost two years later Intrepic got bigger. We’re now 4 members working on it, and finally we got a place: Intrepic HQs next to the college, scientific and technological park TecnoCampus. Located in Tower 3, Intrepic is getting developed in order to change the way you generated and consume information across the net.

Do you have what it takes to be Intrepic and lead the change to a new informational model?

/ Welcome to Intrepic. 


It’s truly difficult to talk about an interesting matter to such an interesting person. Right now I’m having a huge responsibility, but in any way, I hope that the offer Juli made me to update the blog is going to be successful.

It’s about to be 5 months since Juli leave home living a new adventure, the begin of a new chapter in his life: be an Erasmus. I’have never thought that would be so difficult to deal with the distance between two persons who are in love. Sincerely, I believe that the worst thing was the first farewell. I’m lucky to have seen him a few times in this four months, but, why the worst part? Cause you’re enjoying the holidays, you can see your lover almost every day, spending awesome and funny moments next to him, each other together, but you never assimilate that some day he will be gone. Nevertheless, every farewell is hard and inside a place as big as the airport I had to content too much feelings and emotions.

However, I believe that the worst thing ever is have to say goodbye to him the same day you turn 21, the 6th of January. That day was not clearly the best for me. And sincerely, I really miss him, actually I never thought that it would be so harmful for me to not have him right here, right now. Since he’s gone everything is more difficult and more complicated, and casually, I got ill more than one time, what a bad luck.

But what I really learnt about this adventure, both for him and for me at the same time, is to belive. Just before he left for the very first time, I said to him: “this is gonna be our real acid test. If we pass it, is no gonna be anything that will divide us ever.” Both of us separated, meeting new people, thinking and with the esteem we have to each other, this is sincerely the most powerful and strongest element to get over any other physic attraction. It may looks like from a movie, but if two persons really love so much, this happens.

The single way to get in contact was through the Internet, without it both of us would be completely lost. Despite I completely curse Skype when the call crashes on us, I sincerely give thanks to its founders. Thanks so much to the Danish Janus Friis, the Swedish Niklas Zennström and to Priit Kasesaly and Ahti Heinla.

Right now I’m already counting the remaining days for him to come back home and I think about everything still to be done, everything we are going to do, this time together. I’m waiting for him with a huge kiss, hug and a warm welcome at the airport.

Andrea loves you so much, Juli.

1316,1 | We’re Erasmus

Our lives are not measured by money, stuff or tangible objects we own. Our lives, more specifically what we are really made of are moments, experiences; the people you meet along the way is what really make you realize how wealthy you are. I was concerned about this fact when I came back home for Christmas leaving my second home for a weeks.

For the last three months I have been living in Vesalius, a quite old, grey but cozy dorm in the city of Gent, Belgium. First days were hard, yes I had to start again. New people, new atmosphere. Everything was still undiscovered, completely unknown. This is the “confortable zone” many people is talking about, moving off what you are used to starting from zero somewhere else doing whatever different. There I realized that all I had at home was nothing compared to what I was about to get there, and now I know it happened. The same people and atmosphere I was afraid off at the beginning made me change the way I see things now. They made me appreciate the little things of my day-to-day, they made me realize how important is to have goals, to see things clear, to not regret about nothing and above all, enjoy every second of your short live.

Once an Erasmus, always an Erasmus.

Now I am a little bit richer although I spent most of my savings there, richer because I earned 50 new friends from over 18 countries, 18 homes to stay and 1 family I belong to. This is what Erasmus is supposed to be, further than partying, studying and lazy days. To get new friends and meet people around the world is what keeps you moving forward, the thing that makes you feel completed when you get home for Christmas knowing that no-one else will live the things you did and secrets will be secrets forever. Priceless.

All I can say now is thanks, I’m feeling so thankful for the people I met there: Latvians, Czech, Germans, Spanish, Scottish, Romanians, French, Mexicans (Mexican), Polish, Russian, Italians, Portuguese, Dutchs, Slovenians, Greeks  and our lovely hosts, the Belgians. Thank you to make from this six months the most unforgettable experience we could ever had. This story is not ended yet nor will never end. 31st of January is going to arrive and there will be people who will leave again, heading out to home, saying bye forever; there will be others that will stay for another semester; but what I am really sure about is that what we lived together will stay forever at the bottom of our hearts. We belong to each others, we are Erasmus.

Boldness is more forgivable than weakness


These last days I have been pretty worried about how I face situations with others. When I was a kid, at school, I was the onewho was touched by everything. It didn’t matter if it was a joke cause I’d be quickly upset. If someone didn’t like me, I was sad about it and if I did something wrong, some mistake or made someone feel bad about me, I really care about him or her. But years passed away and despite I’m the same guy, my mind has changed. Maybe experience made me learn about how I have to react when something attack me, maybe I’ve just get tired of care too much about others, but what I’m quite sure about, is that we just have one life to spend our time doing what we love. Don’t waste your time caring about what others can think or say about what you do.

Few days ago I posted on my Facebook profile something similar to the paragraph before, something like this:


We only have one chance in our lives to get what we want. Don’t fear pissing people off, don’t waste your time. The thing you’re afraid to say is usually the idea that needs to be heard. Not everyone is going to like you all the time. They’re certainly not going to like everything you do. Boldness is more forgivable than weakness. If you go big and it works, people will forget how upset they were.

Now I’m so glad to be the way I am, not being that kid anymore. Some of you could think I’m too selfish and yes, maybe you’re not wrong at all, but I feel free and confident enough to get what I want, at anytime, anywhere from anyone. I learnt that I’m not gonna be liked by everyone nor everyone is gonna like me, so it’s gonna be better to be careless about them and love the ones who support you, that ones you grew up with and share most of your time. These ones are the only ones who deserve everything from you. This is what I really feel and the way I want to continue being.

I won’t stop branding my way.

Just a little more about me

Somebody told me once that he had never met a guy like me. Since always, even when a kid, I’ve been not the most chatty one in the group nor I am now but I was just there, listening to others, watching what was going on around, looking to their faces, their expressions while others where talking to them. Actually, still as a kid, I never used to cry while people around me were talking. It was like listening to them was my favorite way to amuse myself.

As I said before I’m still being not the most chatty one in the group but I like to be there, listen and give my opinion when I really need it. I love meeting new people all round the world, new cultures, new ways of think and act. Learn from others experiences, failures and anecdotes. This is the way I am.

Since I was 3, I was joined to the music school in my hometown and I’m totally thankful with the decision to get me there. Music made me appreciate the little thinks of the life, increase concentration, see every movement as a related sequence of notes and above all, look for perfection as I played for 13 years the violin. You have to work on what you want to achieve perfection. In my field of study, Business Administration, I’m getting specialized on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management which means creativity, design and imagination on its pureness, but all of this are nothing without perfection, so music is giving me the perspective to achieve what I want.

I’m currently developing a project with two other mates, Intrepic, which is going to change the way users consume, generate and get informed across social networks. While others in my class still don’t know their goal in life or at least on their academic years I’m full of ambition, I know what I really want to do and I’m going to achieve it in anyway. I’m not the one who talk the most but I can swear I am that one who while others are talking, is thinking about how to change things. And this is what our generation is missing. People is all that focused on promote theirself that they really forget that what really matter in this life is not what you are saying but what you can demonstrate.

Finally so end up this post, I feel the need to mention again what S. Jobs said once:

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things, they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

BatKit and Make-A-Wish Foundation in action

Some days ago I noticed about how Make-A-Wish America together with SF community make reality Mile’s wish, a 5-years-old kid who after being diagnosed at 20 months-old with Leukemia, has beat cancer and is now in remission. This make me realize that superheroes are not just in comics or movies, they don’t wear Kevlar suits nor are made of stone, but they are at street level, they are just ordinary people who withstand the unbelievable because they have illusion, they are not waiting anything from anyone and go ahead because they believe. Stay strong! #faithinhumanityrestored (for a while)

To know more …

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in the United States that arranges experiences or also called wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. In order to qualify for a wish, the child must be between the ages of 2 and a half and 18 at the time of the referral. It is the child’s physician that ultimately decides if a child is eligible.

The organization grants wishes through its 62 chapters located throughout the country and also operates in 47 countries around the world through 36 affiliate offices.

To infinity and beyond

It was early june when everything started. It was just about 7:05pm when she hit me up on Facebook just to say hi!, to greet, to talk about and remember how waste had been the night we went out and meet up for the first time, to know more about me, why finally had I added her and how was I doing. Apparently it was just like another conversation but actually it was about to be such the most lovely and dreamy thing ever could have happened to me.

Someone said love is closer than you think and oh my gosh, so it is. I have travelled pretty much or at least is what I think: I’ve been in Switzerland, Scotland, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium and United States in just 6 years, the last one I travelled about 9.300 km to visit one of the most inspiring places you could ever see, LA/SF (California). But why I like to travel? Why travel so far? Not for business or duty but because of I always loved to meet new people, to get new friends around the world, learn about cultures and traditions all around the globe, live new experiences, get richer in anecdotes. This is what moved me to go one place to another every year and till then what I thought I need to complete my life. But despite the kilometers I’ve flight, drove and walked I hadn’t found the love anywhere, until the day it decided to appear, it decided to come up to me and say hi! It was just 45 minutes from home and now it’s all I need. The whole world now spins around her and every time I can’t see or hear her voice I get mad. She completes me, she’s what I’ve been waiting for all this time, the part of me I was missing and now definitely calms me down. We have spent together the most crazy summer ever, visited places we’ve ever been to, although they were next to our homes, we have laughed till cry and also cried. Not everything has been easy, we also spent hard times, difficulties are everywhere for everyone, but you have to know how to solve them and we did it.

That day I found more than a friend, I found my better half, my yin, I felt the zing. So cutie, whatever you can be doing right now this post is entirely for you and keep in mind that, despite the distance, every second of my life I’d just wanna take your hand and bring you to infinity and beyond. Just you and I.

We’re going further, we’re going better


“17 months later

+10.000 visitors 


We’re going further

We’re going better”


Since I launched #brandyourway on may 2011 I looked for inspire and motivate others as I said many times  before, so I think now it’s time to go further, not just be resigned on writing but work with visual content. Let me explain. Some weeks ago while  packing up all my stuff because of my departure to Gent (Belgium) as an Erasmus student, I realized that what we all wanna see is how things are made, who’s doing that thing. So it came to my mind to export #brandyourway to the visual field sharing with all of you a new way to get connected with this blog through YouTube.

Til now you haven’t got the chance to see who or how I am. The material might be so static that sometimes I think could be boring to read too many paragraphs. But from now to the future #brandyourway is gonna change. We’re going further, we’re going better, thanks to all of you who read this site, those who are interested on what I think and share. #Brandyourway would not be possible without you.

So now it’s time to start preparing next post on which I will talk about a day as an Erasmus student in Gent, not just tourism but the feelings, the environmnet, how it’s living on a dorm with over 50 poeple more, being away from home and the ones you love, etc. I’m gonna do all of this by mixing frames I captured over here in Gent, videos from YouTube and more content I can find during the following days. This is how is gonna work #Brandyourway since now, maybe some week I won’t be able to create a v-post due to timetable reasons, but this does not mean I can write something on it.

Finally, ending up, just want to thank you all again, thanks to the users who day after day share information through wordpress, users as me that want to know, who want to create, influence and change the way we act.


Do what you love and do it often | The Holstee Manifesto

This is your life. Do what you love, and do it often. If you don’t like your job, quit. If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV. If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love. Stop over analyzing, life is simple. All emotions are beautiful. When you eat, appreciate every last bite. Open your mind, arms, and heart to new things and people, we are united in our differences. Ask the next person you see what their passion is, and share your inspiring dream with them. Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself. Some opportunities only come once, seize them. Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them so go out and start creating. Life is short. Live your dream and share your passion.

I’ve been planning something huge for next week’s post, we are about to reach an awesome number of visitors and we want to celebrate with all of you so all I can share with you today is The Holstee Manifesto, a call to action to live a life full of intention, creativity, passion and community.

Tip from

Behind the Holstee Manifesto is a business launched in the heat of the recession in May 2009. Brothers Mike and Dave and their partner, Fabian, knew they wanted to create more than a business – the trio wanted to create a lifestyle. So the first thing Holstee’s three founders did was sit together and write down exactly what was on their minds. They wanted to create a company that breathes passion into the world everyday. it was to be a reminder of what we live for. The result became known as the Holstee Manifesto and, through all avenues of social media, the manifesto has been viewed over 80.000.000 times to date!

Starting in the summer of 2009, they dove head first into the world of design and production. After six months an a huge learning curve, Holstee launched its first line of Recycled Tees made of 100% recycled plastic bottles that were milled, cut and sewn within 150 miles of each other in North Carolina. Starting with this first round, 10% of all sales were lent to entrepreneurs in extreme poverty through non-profit micro-lending organizations like – a tradition they are proud to still embrace.

Amazed and inspired by the community of individuals who have embraced the Holstee Manifesto as their own, the founders have created this My Life project to capture, celebrate and share the stories that speak to the truth that life is indeed about the people you meet and the things you create with them.

If you loved this video you’ll enjoy all the material Holstee has on their site.


Design is not everything, but it is

Sometimes, and when I mean sometimes it’s more frequently than what I would like to, people ask to me why Mac? Why at the moment I went for a laptop I decided to get a Mac instead of any else, and I use to answer about the complementation between software-hardware, the materials, the culture of the company or even what Apple represents to me or what Jobs contributed to the society, but almost always I arrive at the same point: the design.

Design is not everything but it’s the factor the consumer appreciate the most. You get attracted by a product in function of its design, colors, packaging or stuff like these; pure marketing in fact, and competitors can do nothing in front Apple in this field. What I really appreciate about the Cupertino’s company is the believe on making something better each time they launch some new advice to the market, they keep trying to innovate and create having the design as the main subject.

But why I am talking about all of this? Why defend Apple?

The answer is these two videos Apple launched some months before. Designed by Apple in California represents the excellence of each product they build, each device they imagine and I have to admit that these marketing strategy completely convinced me.  I don’t want to be that kind of people who get mad when you criticize the fruity products, but I’m and will be totally in love with what Apple produce. Other companies can produce smart devices too, but no one has the components, features and branding as Apple has.

Designed by Apple in California.

Live unbound


When I started this blog in the very first I was willing to begin something which could inspire and motivate others to create new things, to feel comfortable and capable to do everything they want, so posts during the first year were all about innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, motivation, etc.

But something changed my mind recently.

I’m still a huge fan of motivation blogs and I’m completely in entrepreneurship field, but now I become a little more concerned about the feeling of freedom, spread the liberty: to live unbound.

There’s something inside of us. Blind to the forces that restrict our potential, it gives us the gift of unlimited ability. We use it to rise above ourselves. To reach the unreachable. But for most people it’s unattainable. Bound by fear. Trapped inside the walls they build. Asleep but never dead. We fight to awaken it. We fight to live unbound. Unbound from our debilitating thoughts- I can’t, it’s too risky, I’m afraid, that’s impossible. We do have weaknesses, fears and doubts; bu they’re overpowered by psychological strength, by the most powerful directing force of our future – our belief. Fueled by this confidence we redefine our limitations. We live unbound from the status quo. From the guidelines that suffocate our imagination. Instead, we follow our intuition, even when it guides us off the well paved path, into the unknown. Despite its uncertainty, we have learned to love this place. It gives us answers. It’s where we belong. Rooted from a desire to feel alive, to escape, to experience, to succeed, to discover what we’re truly capable of. We live unbound. 

I discovered LIVE UNBOUND a little ago, maybe a couple of months ago, when I realised it was the most inspirational site ever (beside #BRANDYOURWAY). I’ve visited several sites before such as INFINITY LIST but the design and creativity of LIVE UNBOUND completely impressed me. There’s a lot of strength on it, a lot of will to live, to try out and this is what I really appreciate when I look through Internet. It’s pretty hard to find a site that really make you fall in love with it but I claim I found it.

Furthermore, LIVE UNBOUND means to me something more than just a website, represents the way of life I advocate every day, a way of life that completely define you and you define the way you act. Something fueled by the feeling of freedom, ambition and respect. You must feel free to do what you love, but you also need a portion of ambition to fight for it, then immediately you’ll reach respect. This is my point of view of everything I do day after day: if you really want something go for it. Don’t be afraid about what others are gonna say, just go and achieve it, fight for it, be better than anyone else. Only when you have what you want stope, enjoy and listen what others say about you.

A love story

It’s been a long time without updating #brandyourway (actually it’s been the whole summer) but the fact is that this one it has been the summer of my life. As usual, when September arrives it seems as summertime is over and everything changes to worse. People get bored, annoyed, tired and everything becomes grey, brown or black. Days are shorter and colder and everyone stay at home. But this time will be different for me, everything has changed.

It all began in February when I decided to try something new, being 19 I was feeling the need to live new experiences, live unbound, so I applied for the Erasmus Program. Just a couple of weeks later I received and email confirming I’d been accepted at HoGent (University College Gent) in Belgium for a semester so I became really excited due to I’d be my very first time living abroad and living on my way, branding my way.

Days were passing away and I was waiting for September in order to leave to Belgium and start something new from 0. But something special happened in May. I met someone special, incredibly kind; such a really lovely person. Days gone by and she completely blowed my mind. The guy who was looking for leaving his town was now praying for never leave and spend the rest of his life next to her. This summer every day has been and adventure, every moment unforgettable and every night incredibly magical. And although September has already arrived, everything looks equal and anything has changed.

I’m leaving next Monday at 9am from BCN Airport and it’s gonna be pretty hard not to be next to the person you love but if can’t even imagine a future without her. I’ll be there for four months, from September to January, I’m gonna come back home once a month and I’m gonna spend the Xmas Holidays here too, next to the ones I love the most.

I’ve promised myself that from now to the future it’s gonna be summer every day, I am not going to be bored anymore, not grey, brown or black days anymore, just enjoy every moment no mattering the place nor the time because now I have all I could wish: YOU ♥

Introducing Airbnb

Some weeks ago, about june 15th, I’ve been introduced to a new way of home renting, this is Airbnb.

Airbnb is a privately held company headquartered in SF founded in August 2008 which provides a platform for individuals referred to as “hosts”, generally private parties, to rent unoccupied living space and other short-term lodging to guests.

Users of the site must register and create a personal online profile before using the site. Every property is associated with a host whose profile includes recommendations by other users, reviews by previous guests, as well as a response rating and private messaging system.

Captura de pantalla 2013-07-20 a les 19.16.40

How the founders came up with the idea? 

Shortly after moving to SF in October 2007, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia created the initial concept for AirBed & Breakfast during the Industrial Design Conference. The original site offered short-term living quarters, breakfast and a unique business networking opportunity for attendees who were unable to book a hotel in the saturated market.

At the time, roommates Chesky and Gebbia could not afford the rent for their loft in SF so they made their living room into a bed and breakfast, accommodating three guests on air mattresses and providing homemade breakfast.

In February 2008, Harvard graduate and technical architect, Nathan Bleckarczyk joined as the third co-founder of AirBed & Breakfast. During the company’s initial stages, the founders focused on high-profile events where alternative lodging was scarce.

To help fund the site, the founders created special edition breakfast cereals, with candidates Brack Obama and John McCain as the inspiration for “Obama O’s” and “Cap’n McCains”. In two months, 800 boxes of cereal were sold at $40 each which generated more than $30K for the company’s incubation and attracted Y Combinator’s Paul Graham.

After its graduation, the site expanded to include properties in the market between hotels and CouchSurfing. In January of 2009, Y Combinator invited Gebbia and Blecharcxyk to join the incubator’s winter session for three months of training. With the website already built, they used the $20K Y-Combinator investment to fly to NY to meet users and promote the site. They returned to SF with a profitable business model to present to West Coast investors.

“And this is how business is made  kids”

Captura de pantalla 2013-07-20 a les 19.17.50

Captura de pantalla 2013-07-20 a les 19.18.12

So how the hell Airbnb works? Well it’s quite easy, first of all you have to create an account as we said before or you can log in using your Facebook account. Then you will have to list your space by picking a home type, room type, accommodations and city. From this point forward everything you must do is upload some pictures of your space (max. 25) and type about it, as for example location, amenities, etc. You can also call for a professional photographer, totally free. It’s awesome.

As I said at the beginning I’ve been introduced to the platform some weeks ago and I’m really amused about how well it’s working having almost the whole month of July booked as well as August. It’s really useful for those who are having an empty space and want to earn some money from it. I’ll definitely use it to survive in Belgium. What about you?

from Barcelona to the world

It’s been one year today since me and a classmate hit the US for our very first time, doing couchsurfing in LA, Vegas and SF for almost a month (see how we enjoyed the trip). This was definetely the most inspiring trip ever, besides we had the chance to meet some extraordinary people and live once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Now, almost one year and a half later I’m gonna be living abroad again as an Erasmus student. Say hi to Belgium!

For those who may not know about Erasmus programme is a European Union student exchange programme established in 1987 which forms a major part of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013. Actually, the Erasmus Programme, together with a number of other independent programmes, was incorporated into the Socrates programme established by the European Comission in 1994 and which on ended on 31 December 1999 being replaced with the Socrates II.

There are currently more than 4,000 higher institutions participating in Erasmus across the 33 countries involved in the Erasmus programme and over 2.2 million students have already taken part. But not everybody can participate on it, it must be students who’re studying for a degree or diploma at a tertiary-level institution and must have completede their first year. Otherwise, students who join the Erasmus programme study or do an internship for a period of at least 3 month to an academic year in another European country. The programme guarantees that the period spent abroad is recognised by their university when they come back, as long as they abide by terms previously agreed.

So here I am, few months before leaving my little town and getting ready  to experience Europe on its majesty.

Erasmus makes you believe in your dreams as well as your capabilities to go ahead in your day-to-day no mattering how far you are, the people you meet or the country you live in. 

It’s been almost two months since I applied to go abroad and just about two weeks later college administration announced I’d been accepted. That was huge! I had picked as first option Gent, Belgium, an historical city in the north of Belgium, in the region of Flanders, but unfortunately it was so sought-after and I was supposed to go to Wrexham. Well, it wasn’t the best place to go for me but was something. But I was kind of lucky when just a couple of days later I received an email announcing I’d been accepted to go there, at the center of Europe, just few hours from Paris, London, Brussels or Berlin.

In my opinion, life is about meeting new people, and happiness is nothing but sharing you life with them, and this is the reason of this post. My purpose from now to February is to get you all informed about my experience as an exchange student sharing with you a weekly resume about my dau-to-day there.

It’s time to welcome “#brandyourway Erasmus edition”

Stay tunned!

Dreams /dri:ms/

dream noun [C] (sleep) /dri:m/ A series of events or images that happen in your mind when your are sleeping

And just like that, after a long wait, a day like any else, 
I decide to triumph, I decided to look for the opportunities, not to wait.
I decided to see every problem as the opportunity to find a solution,
I decided to see every desert as the opportunity to find an oasis,
I decided to see every night as a mystery to solve,
I decided to see every day as a new opportunity to be happy.

That day I found that my only rival was my own weaknesses,
And in them, is the only way and better way of surpassed us.
That day I lost the fear of loosing and I started to fear of no winning,
I discovered that I was not the best and maybe never was,
I stop caring about who was the winner or the looser.
Now I care just knowing more than yesterday.

I learned that the hard thing is never stop climbing to the top, not to reach it,
I learned that the better triumph that I can have, is to have the right of calling someone “my friend”
I discovered that the love is more than a feeling of being in love, “the love is a philosophy of life”
That day I stopped being a reflect of my few triumphs of the past and I started to be my own tenuous light of this present;
I learned that it do not matter if you are a being light if you are not going to illuminate the others road.

That day I decided to change so many things,
That day I learned that the dreams only are to make come true.
Since that day I don’t sleep to rest.
Now, I dream just for dreams.

-Walt Elías Disney


We the youth

The free ones, the ambitious, the creatives, the dreamers, the future, that ones who’re supposed to push the human race forward. We have plenty of confidence in ourselves, we want to succeed #WeTheYouth

Two weeks ago I met another race of young people, something different from the ordinary, guys and girls who have ambitions and goals, who want to be successful in their life. They have creativity running on their blood. This is the reason of this post, I want to share with all of you how it was to live, work and hang out during a whole week with all of them. This is the experience of getting along with 6 students around Europe working as a team. Be welcomed to the International Entrepreneurship Seminar: 6 universities, 36 students, 1 goal: make this world a better place through social entrepreneurship.


In may 2013 the 3rd edition of the International Entrepreneurship Seminar was organized in Mataró, Barcelona (Spain) by the Escola Universitaria del Maresme as well as TecnoCampus Mataro-Maresme and the International Entrepreneurship Seminar partners . The International Entrepreneurship Seminar (IntEntSem) is a co-organized weekprogram of 6 European Universities aiming to stimulate international cooperation, student mobility, entrepreneurial behaviour, awareness of European trade opportunities and awareness of cultural differences within Europe among the participating students and coaches. 36 students out of 6 countries are selected to participate, based on their entrepreneurial ambitions, sociable skills and motivation to participate. They are divided into 6 multinational teams of 6 students. The main goal of this weekly seminar is to set up a new innovative business concept, based on cultural differences within the team, the workshops and inspiration sessions they have to follow during the week and the main topic of the week, which is “Social Entrepreneurship”.

Started by the Business Administration faculty at University College Ghent in Knokke, Belgium, in 2011, the IntEntSem toured around Europe since 2012 with its first step in Wilhelmshaven, Germany in April 2012, this year in Mataró, Spain and the next year in Västerås, Sweden in April 2014.

When it all started.


When we think about a German, a Belgian, a British, a French and a Spanish may looks like a joke, most of the times it could be impossible to work together due to personal and cultural differences, but for a time we were gathered in the same place having all one thing in common: the wish to create. We were willing to open our minds, share differences and build an innovative product which should solve consumer needs, and all started the sunday 12th May, when we went for a teambuilding dinner at Mataró Center, where we met up for the first time. Some tapas and beer was the way to be welcomed, that was the beginning of something more than an entrepreneurial seminar. We thought, designed, run, laughed, drank, slept together. In just a week we had become more than friends, we were taking part at the IntEntSem 2013 where young people become entrepreneurs in a week.

The rest of the week was full of great and funny experiences such as teambuilding games at Mataró Beach, a teambuilding paella on Monday evening, brainstormings, products’ visualization, trend watching in Barcelona, business canvas model building, reporting the business model and the greatest activity of the week, a speed date event with entrepreneurs on Thursday evening, no words for that, just so proud to be there.

DSC_6363 DSC_6560

Unfortunately Friday arrived and that represented the end of our journey. We went for a huge party to Barcelona where we spent the whole night having fun all together, our last moments taking part of something exclusive, something unique. Sincerely, and now is the first time I recognize it, I was afraid to join the IntEntSem, yes, when I sent the application to take part on it I was afraid of meeting new people because we use to be reluctant to change our day-to-day and discover and live new experiences, we all want to be happy by not taking risks, something illogical but extremely common, but now I know that nobody will be able to reproach what I did. After some nervousness at the beginning I started enjoy, I discovered another race of young people, people like me, people who dare to dream. I enjoyed every time of the week even the breaks. And because of this, from this blog I feel the strong urge to show my gratitude to them, thanks for wake up everyday and feel the necessity to change something, thanks for having goals, for not being afraid of the future. We met up for first time the sunday 12th May at Mataró Center but I’m sure that from then to the future we’re gonna meet many times and then we could say that one week we took part at the International Entrepreneurship Seminar 2013.

Thank you all guys, keep thinking different! | #WeTheYouth

Make it happen!

Hi there! Almost a year building and sharing #brandyourway with all of you, writing about the coolest stuff I found on Internet related with innovation and entrepreneurship. It all started as I said one year ago, on may 2012 and well actually I’d created brandyourway on blogger, but for many reasons I finally ended up here, being one more on the wordpress community. That huge community of enthusiastic people that have a lot to say!

When #brandyourway came to me at the very first it was just a blog, a site to talk and share my feelings but after some months of activity I saw that it was something more, not just a wordpress. And now, after a whole year I know that #brandyourway was pretending to be a way of act, think and live, which it makes me remember a Mark Twain’s quote that says:

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens or better known by his pen name Mark Twain was the father of The Adventures of Hucleberry Fiin, the Great American Novel and also a great journalist as well as humorist. So well, Mark Twain’s life and mainly the quote before take me to the main subject of this post: make it happen. What I want to really mean with this?

You can do whatever you’ve purposed, you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul (quoting William E. Henley on his poem Invictus), amazing things are awaiting for you and nobody mustn’t prevent you of achieving your dreams. Everyone of us are unique and I truly believe that if we were not so influenced about what others say or think about us we could do, create and discover plenty of new amazing things.

I am currently 19 and I have my whole life ahead of me. I could be playing PS3, watching TV or just killing the time doing absolutely nothing. But I am right now writing on this blog, I’m about to lunch my first business in a few months and the next year I’m going on Erasmus to Belgium for six months, six incredibly months. I am not rich, I am not lucky but I love my life and I love to work. And if I’ve learnt something during this year on #brandyourway is that if you work for what you love, things will happen.

Just make it happen.


We are innovation

19. Dreamer entrepreneur developing @intrepic. BA student at UPF, day trader and trail runner. Blogger. Social media, sports, photo, street art & sitcoms lover.

This is what I’ve said everywhere on the web even on this blog. You can find me on twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, youtube, vimeo, google+ and many other sites not popular yet but with a creative core that make them special (the one I love the most is Cowbird, must be checked out!). All I said to the web are 140 characters, almost 22 words and 2 numbers and I think it’s time to say something more about me, it’s time to talk and spread which are my dreams, what I really want to do. That’s one of the purposes I created #brandyourway a year ago, to share my opinions.

I am currently 19, with no professional duties and lot of time, resources and imagination to create. Someone else would be playing at PS3 during the afternoon or doing literally nothing, but I need to create. College give the theory needed to success but only you are the responsible to do it or not, only you can make it happen. And I am trying to do it. To put in another way, I’m gonna try to succes in any case.  I’m working on a project named intrepic which is in fact my motivation to learn everyday from everything. It’s an important aspect to take in account for youth to soak up all they can, learn from their environment, the way others act. Coworking and learning through experience.


Intrepic came to me the last summer just after arriving from Cali [take a look at Couchsurfing around California]. I’ve not realized til then how many events, successes and interesting facts can one notice while strolling. Always it’s happening something, not matter the place, the weather or the hour, if it has to happen it will and if you are lucky you’ll be there to see it. This is on which I focused intrepic, emotions through experience. (With an eye toward the future I promise to keep you on the ball about what’s gonna happen about intrepic).

Travel to US changed completely my way of thinking and learning. I’ve grown in a static society, if we keep in mind that Spain has nearly the same expanse as Texas it’s not strange then to born and die in the same place or almost at the same province. And this is what I want to change to me.  Few month ago I was talking just about this with a friend I met in Las Vegas and he was so shocked about our way of life, the way we are able to born, grew, study, work, get married and die in the same place. That’s why I say that trip changed my mind; I saw how people create, found and boost startups in a day, from one day to the next, how ideas become business, how freelances don’t dead asphyxiated by taxes. It’s another reality. And I’m aware that culture, traditions, expanse and economy are pretty different, but I can’t understand at all what are we doing wrong here. Why entrepreneurs are afraid to set up their projects? Why ideas don’t become to business? Why creativity don’t become to ilusion?

And here is where innovation becomes important, how youth get the knowledge and learnings to feel free to create, to cooperate or simply but no less important to dream. Because as said Micky’s father, if you can dream it, you can do it and in any way innovation is nothing more than freedom, that feeling of “impossible is nothing” and “the world is mine”. Once you believe anything can’t stop you, only then you’ll start generating ideas, you’ll start creating concepts maybe not innovatives at all but they will become a part of that called entrepreneurship. And this concept is what avoid to get static and at the same time push the human race forward generating new business opportunities, generating wealth and making better the way of life of everyone.

Summing up, we are innovation, we are made of creativity and we live from dreams and goals. To success or not is on our hands and there’s also the chance to brand our way and achive at least that feeling called freedom. To finish, here’s a quote that really marked me said by a young entrepreneur with a huge potential I met this semester. All the best from this blog!

Entrepreneur is not just that one who achieve it but that who try it-S.G